Massages and treatments in your seaside spa

Allow yourself the pleasure of relaxing and recharging your body, spirit and mind in our intimate Sensory room: we will offer you a unique experience, full of relaxation and true "well being".

For a real deep and rejuvenating psychophysical harmony we rely exclusively on highly qualified professionals, attentive to your needs, ready to advise you and personally follow your path to health, balance and body wellness.

You can also take advantage of all the beauty treatments provided in collaboration with the Acquamarina center, exclusive Diego Dalla Palma ..., so that you can regenerate and rejuvenate from your holiday!

The head of our Junior Spa Room is Andrea Campanelli, manual and naturopathic therapist:

  • Diploma at the Tao School of Chinese Medicine in Bologna as a manual therapeutic operator
  • Diploma at the Institute of Natural Medicine University of Urbino (mtc, herbal medicine, reflexology, shiatsu, kinesiology, iridology and postular integration)
  • Master of advanced training in nutrition and sports activities at the University of Bologna.

Wellness treatments

Traditional Chinese tui-na massageA particular massage typical of traditional Chinese medicine, it uses a wide range of vigorous and relaxing techniques with a profound psycho-physical balance action.

  • 30 minuts € 30,00
  • 50 minuts € 45,00

Hawaiian lomi-lomi massageMassage that transmits serenity, peace and harmony, giving the feeling of being immersed in an oasis of peace.

  • 30 minuts € 30,00
  • 50 minuts € 45,00

Anti-fatigue massageSuitable for athletes and for those who have contracted and tired areas of the body

  • 30 minuts€ 30,00
  • 50 minuts € 45,00

Draining massageMassage that favors venous and lymphatic circulation, eliminating stagnation and localized edema. Regenerates tissues and treats the imperfections of edematous cellulite.

  • 30 minuts € 30,00
  • 50 minuts € 45,00

Connective tissue massageDeep manual detachment of tissues, promotes relaxation by drawing blood and oxygenating the dermis. It has a purifying effect on the whole body.

  • 30 minuts € 30,00
  • 50 minuts€ 45,00

Plantar reflexologyFrom the foot it goes to treat all the organs of the body, pleasant and relaxing, it resolves disorders, excellent to regain full fitness and remove stress.

  • 30 minuts€ 30,00
  • 50 minuts € 45,00

Massage therapyRelieves pain and tension in the muscular system. The movements of the massage follow the direction of the muscle fibers and respect the sense of the venous circulation, they can be decisive and rapid, for a toning effect, or slow and delicate, for a calming effect.

  • 30 minuts € 30,00
  • 50 minuts€ 45,00

Naturopathic consultationHolistic control, personalized advice on postural, food and phytotherapy exercises

  • 50 minuts € 45,00

Relax Packages

Give yourself a day of wellness, try our relaxation packages:

Trekking e Nordic WalkingPrice € 10,00 every exit

Excursion to the San Bartolo Park + 1 Massage of your choicePrice € 60,00

For a regenerating and relaxing day, leave our hotel directly to walk along some of the paths of the San Bartolo Park in its most direct season and to admire fantastic glimpses between sea and hill.

For those who love physical fitnessprice 180,00 €

  • Excursion to the San Bartolo
  • Excursion to the Castello di Gradara
  • 2 specific post-excursion massages
  • 2 personalized lessons of postural gymnastics

Get back into shapeprice 100,00 €

  • Naturopathic consultation with personalized dietary recommendations and herbal remediesi
  • 2 manual specific treatments of TUI-NA (traditional Chinese massage)

The art of massageprice130,00 €

  • Plantar reflexology
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • TUI-NA massage
  • LOMI-LOMI massage

Tonicity and Flexibilityprice 110,00 €

  • 2 personalized lessons of postural gymnastics
  • 2 massage

Per leiprice130,00 €

  • n.3 draining massage
  • 1 connective tissue massage

3 Personalized massages of your choiceprice 120,00 €

Wellness, Relaxation, Psycho-physical balance

a team of qualified professionals for a regenerating and personalized journey