Trekking and Nordic Walking in Gabicce

If you love open-air activities and walks, don’t hesitate to choose the Marche region, you’ll be surprised by the large amount of opportunities to discover our territory and you’ll appreciate the unique nature which surrounds you during your excursions in Gabicce.

Whether you want to face trekking routes in Gabicce or try nordic walking, this is the right place, thanks to a truly resourceful territory. Time to prepare your rucksack, excursions in nature await you!

Excursions in Gabicce starting from the Du Parc Hotel

Make the most of our offers for excursions in Gabicce, discover paths in the middle of uncontaminated nature, alongside expert guides.

In our hotel you will find all the necessary information for planning your excursions, and all the comforts provided by functional services and a restaurant to restore your energies after your walks and exploration efforts.

In our hotel, you can also make the most of our beautiful swimming pool, as well as regenerating massages.

Trekking Excursions in Gabicce

For guests who are seeking to go trekking in Gabicce, the Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo is an absolutely unmissable natural reserve, located 200 metres above the level of the sea.
Obviously, the true protagonist of this type of excursions is nature, with the spectacular broom blossoming in springtime and the amazing local fauna (porcupines, badgers, hares, migratory birds and many other species).

The marked routes will lead you to discover breath-taking panoramic views from cliffs overlooking the sea: a truly unique landscape. We also recommend visiting the gorgeous beaches of the Bay of Vallugola and ofFiorenzuola di Focara.

If you enjoy trying new sports and spending time in the open air,Nordic Walking in Gabicce Mare is a great choice for your holidays: this completely new discipline, which derives from cross-country skiing, is a great aid for posture with its combination between normal walking and the use of specific sticks for supporting body weight.

Once again, the Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo is a perfect setting for this activity, along with a series of specific paths; among these, we recommend the following: the Churches Route, the Vallugola Route and the Vincolungo Route.

Nordic walking is suitable for people from all age groups and has many beneficial effects for the body; therefore, we strongly recommend trying this sport, especially in such a marvellous setting as the Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo.